Bristol CQSW Graduation Years 1972-76 Reunion

The Hawthorns, Clifton, on 6th April 2002



Encouraged to organise a reunion of those of us who graduated from the Bristol CQSW Studies/Training Course in the early 70s, I responded to the challenge. With apologies coming in from afar as Perth, Australia (Claire Jones) and Kalamata in Greece (Allen Brown), it was a real tribute to the event to have Pauline and Peter Bibby travelling form Vancouver to be with us. Thanks to you, good folks.


A toast was proposed by me to “present company and absent friends”, whilst Pauline made hers to Chris Holtom and his former staff. Chris’ response was witty and informative. Toasts to the alumni of each year were proposed by members of those years. Prizes went to: Pauline Bibby for “action beyond the call of duty”; to Zina Wakefield for manifesting semblance of eternal youth; and to Chrissie Savage for clearly discerning the dress code of the evening – “smart casual”).


Ironically, Chris Holtom won the raffle conducted in “Cornish” style by Steve & Hazel Perry. Auld Lang Syne was sung at the end, but despite having a bar extension, it was obvious at the end that very few wanted to leave. All had an enjoyable weekend – with John Teller leading one of many “thank you” to “moi” on behalf of the 52 persons in attendance.


Roll Call


Tutors: Chris Holtom, Phil Kingston, Peter Massey, Jean Tyndall (nee Maliphant)

1972: Rosemary Arnold, Shirley Brook (nee Gill), Amanda Brown, Paul Donovan, Hans Frankham, Basil Hylton, Rod More O'Ferrall, Hazel Perry (nee Ashley), Hazel Pond, Joanna Szenderowicz, John Teller, and Zina Wakefield.

1973: Pam Gallagher(Duffus), Sue Hewitt (nee Newton), Lindsay Stewart, and June Thomas (nee Bale), .

1974: Jim Allum, Jennie Bagley (Drury),  Janet Budd, Mike Campbell, Jenny Leigh-Smith, Sue Jenner, and Joyce Robertshaw

1975: Pauline Bibby (Eyles), Chris Stadward, Charles Fox

1976: Andrena Bowen (Eastman), Judith Carpenter (Naylor), Chrissie Savage-Deakin, Tim Powell, Penny Browne, Jean Donaghay and Mike Spire.

Guests: Wives/Husbands/Partners, Sheila Belk and other Friends or earlier students.



Janet, Chrissie and Tim                                                                                                    Cabaret with Lindsey & the “girls” of 1974



Chrissie, Tim, Jean, and Mike Chard                                                                                 Mike C., Jennie B, Peter M, & Jenny L-S.



Charles (standing), Pauline, Peter and Tim                                                                      Chris Holtom, Peter & Pauline Bibby (Eyles)                                                                                                              




Phil Kingston, Paul Donovan & Bob Pond                                                                         Sue Jenner, Judith, Andrena, & Lyn



Shirley Brook, Pam, Hazel Perry, Hans                                                                              Zina Wakefield, Paul D., Jo Szenderowicz

& Zina












L-R top: John Teller, Rosemary Arnold (and husband, Terry),        Toasters to Years 1973-76:  Lindsey, Jim, Christopher and Hazel Perry, Hazel Pond, Hans Frankham, Shirley Brook,                                                             Judith

Phil Kingston, Jean Tyndall-Maliphant), Peter Massey, Chris

Holtom, Basil Hylton (inserted below: Rod More O’Farrell& wife, Beth)

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